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Hannelore Tsokhim-Bumann


«We hope ALBIJOU will bring joy and a sense of community to guests and locals alike! This is why I got involved in this project. »

Heidi Brechbühl

Executive secretary

«With ALBIJOU I want to introduce visitors to Albinen, my second home. This village lifts the spirit and soothes the soul ... just simply a wonderful place to be in.»

Wolfgang Ecsy


«For me as the owner of a holiday apartment in Albinen this is a matter of the heart. I consider the concept of ALBIJOU an important step on the way to realizing the full potential of this jewel in the Valais.»

Esther Bumann Hänni

Concierge services staff

An old proverb says: «The inside reflects the outside.»

It is close to my heart to provide for all ALBIJOU guests a clean and cozy environment in all the chalets and apartments.

Pius Metry

Concierge services staff / guest support

«I have supported the project from the start! As a longtime resident of Albinen I know everything and everyone here. Albinen is rich in tradition, and history is everywhere. Even today our village has a lot to offer. I am looking forward to welcoming many open-minded guests.»