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As a digital community platform, ALBIJOU highlights Albinen's existing attractions, integrates the locally grown culture and exploits synergies.

ALBIJOU provides an overview of the region's tourism offerings, the services offered by local businesses and the public activities of local societies. Also available are maps and descriptions of hiking and bike trails and ski tours. Local experts who know the area well can be contacted for excursions, guided tours or special events.


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Alpine medicinal herbs, touristic activities involving nature and culture

Arbignon AG is a young business that grows and sells Alpine medicinal herbs and organizes activities related to local nature and culture for tourists in and around Albinen: Egguweg programs offer regular outings to observe bearded vultures on the Gemmi and activities such as collecting wild fruits or an introduction to wickerwork. Hikes to the Albinen ladders, butterfly excursions or cocktail events featuring regional products in traditional cellars are scheduled as requested.


School for Medicinal Herbs, Albinen

Medicinal herb garden and courses

The School for Medicinal Herbs in Albinen cultivates about 200 medicinal plants, edible mountain herbs and Alpine flowers in its 1500m2-garden. Guided tours for groups can be arranged outside of regular opening hours. Courses with cooking teacher Barbara Schlumpf on collecting and cooking with mountain herbs can be booked online or by phone; herb walks and workshops with hiking guide and herb specialist Thomas Pfister likewise. Herb walks and workshops are also offered as part of the Egguweg-program.


Society for the Promotion of the Culture of Old Albinen Plus

Living, preserving, renewing culture

The Society for the Promotion of the Culture of Old Albinen AA+ actively lives and inhabits the culture of Albinen to keep it alive and renew it. For their members and other interested parties the society organizes cultural events such as storytelling by village elders, art exhibitions and concerts. Guided tours about the traditional building techniques of Pfäristadel in the village center or through the cultural landscape around Albinen are available on request. Visitors are encouraged to participate in the traditional grain-milling event or volunteer for a work detail to preserve the cultural landscape.


Rolis Mobile Bikestation

Comprehensive mobile service for all types of bicycles and bike trails

Roland Holzer's mobile bikestation offers all manner of services for mountain bikes, e-bikes, fat-bikes and racing bikes: renting and selling, maintenance and repair, tour advice and tour-guiding. The bikestation also transports bicycles at all times of the day and, in case of emergency, even at night, anywhere between Visp and Sion—side valleys included.



Culture in the village center

This ancient building in the village center offers fascinating insights into old building techniques and serves as a show room and sales platform for local and regional craft products. Exhibitions are also staged here.


Seminarhotel Rhodania

Musical Accents

At the Seminarhotel Rhodania acclaimed musician Fides Auf der Maur hosts groups for several days and teaches courses on local folk music and klezmer and also organizes family music days. The hotel features a bistro and a newly built 100-seat concert space for the presentation of all types of music: classical, jazz, folk, klezmer, pop, film music etc. and, last but not least, a panaoramic view across the Rhone Valley.


Restaurant Godswärgjistubu

Courses and excursions 

«Godswärgji» combines local culture with international influences. In addition to serving dishes of regional cuisine made from local products in a historical building at the center of the village (s. culinary offerings), this family business also offers courses and excursions on cooking with wild plants and vegan cuisine, natural healing, shamanism, meditation and Tibetan yoga. 



Egguweg – herbs & culture

Egguweg is a path of discovery past 17 "eggu" (corners) featuring some of Albinen's natural or cultural treasures. Celts settled the area first, followed by a succession of other peoples who cultivated the landscape. The core of the village consists of 200 closely packed wooden houses, the oldest of which date to the 15th century. As you follow the Egguweg you learn to identify different building types. From Mid-May to the end of October all 17 "Eggu" are accessible, during winter the tour is shortened to the 10 "Eggu" located in the village. Various companies and membership societies of Albinen offer a host of other activities.


Albinen for children

Car-free and family-friendly

The old center of Albinen is car free and the narrow streets are ideal for games of hide-and-seek or tag. Several public fountains can be heard burbling in the streets and since the buildings have no private yards surrounding them there are passages everywhere. Below the village there is a playground and sports field; another small playground is located by the Burgerstube.
The forest surrounding the fitness trail above the village with its moss-covered trees is like a fairyland fantasy come to life—just steps away from the family grill area.

Note that we do not raise our prices during the busier school holidays: families don't pay more than guests who can choose to vacation outside of official school holidays. And if one parent has work to do, there are always our workspaces.